Dez Bryant's Darrelle Revis wish will go unanswered

Polian: Revis 'uniquely unqualified' for Cowboys' D (1:03)

NFL Live reacts to Dez Bryant tweeting at Darrelle Revis to play for the Cowboys. (1:03)

FRISCO, Texas -- Dez Bryant started a thing -- and it only can be called a thing -- when he tweeted to Darrelle Revis that he would like to see the future Hall of Famer with the Dallas Cowboys in 2017.

The Cowboys' receiver said Thursday he hadn't heard back from Revis on Twitter or elsewhere, but he's not giving up hope.

"It would be a great look," Bryant said. "Why not? We wanna win. It's still a hope. It's still a chance."

There's a chance, sure, because Revis is unsigned. It's better than the chances the Cowboys will sign me, but that's not saying much either.

In this week's Twitter mailbag, Gus wants to know how the Cowboys will fill the potential roster vacancy should cornerback Nolan Carroll be suspended because of his offseason DUI arrest. From talking to multiple people around The Star, Revis is not one of those options, despite Bryant's wishes.

Revis was a great player. He will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the best corner of his generation. But he turns 32 in July and his best days are behind him. The only way I see the Cowboys signing him would be if they are hit by injuries at the position this summer.

He's not a fit for how the Cowboys want to play. He doesn't have the scheme versatility anymore. ESPN's Bill Polian said this week Revis is "uniquely unqualified," for the Cowboys' scheme. He wasn't very good last year. And for those who want to see if he could or would play safety, he's never showed that type of ability before. Players who can pull that kind of switch-off are rare, like Charles Woodson rare.

So what would the Cowboys do if Carroll is suspended?

They will look to their own roster first. Let's go with the notion that Carroll will miss the first two games. The Cowboys will have Orlando Scandrick, Anthony Brown, Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis as their top four corners. The fifth corner could be any one of the following: Leon McFadden, Marquez White or Duke Thomas.

Not exactly household names, but we're talking about a fifth cornerback for two games.

If the Cowboys added Revis or a veteran corner of any note, that player's base salary is on the books for the full season if he is on the roster in Week 1. That's another reason why Revis isn't an option. It's a reason why a vested vet wouldn't be an option either. The Cowboys have the cap room, but why make a 16-week decision for two games? They wouldn't.

Then there's this: The Cowboys have made a conscious decision to move away from signing older players. They could have kept Brandon Carr, who was better than Revis, and did not make a big play to keep him.

Bryant can keep wishing for Revis, but the chances of it happening are slimmer than slim.