Ryan Switzer looking for balance of 'gut' and smarts in return game

FRISCO, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys returner Ryan Switzer has an aggressive mindset.

That was evident on his fumbled punt that led to a Los Angeles Rams touchdown last week and how he has handled kickoff returns so far this season. He doesn’t sound like he wants to change.

“What makes me a great player is my gut and my instincts on the field,” Switzer said. “Obviously that doesn’t always turn out to be the right decision, but more times than not it is. I’ve got to be smart in the back end sometimes, realizing how deep I am. Sometimes as a player you want to make a play so bad and you get so anxious that sometimes you maybe in the heat of the moment you don’t make the best decision, but I’m pretty comfortable with my mental instincts, my decision-making and I’m looking forward to continuing to show that throughout the year.”

Switzer has returned six kickoffs with a 23-yard average. His long is 28 yards. Through four games, the Cowboys’ average starting position after a kickoff is the 23.9-yard line, which ranks 23rd in the NFL.

Considering touchbacks come out to the 25, discretion can be the better part of valor.

“There are more variables than just how deep you are,” coach Jason Garrett said. “It’s how high the kick is, how low the kick is. If you evaluate the returns that we had the other day in the game, we would also say that Switz was a little too aggressive on at least a couple of those for the very reasons you’re talking about, whether it’s the depth or whether he had to move laterally too far, the nature of the return. The biggest thing for him is to learn from those situations, learn from those decisions that he’s made, both the good ones and the bad ones, and keep moving forward.”