If not for Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott would be talk of the town

Prescott outshined by Rodgers in Cowboys' heart breaking loss (0:44)

ESPN's Todd Archer says that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers tore the Cowboys' hearts out for the second time since January. (0:44)

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Simply put, Aaron Rodgers stole Dak Prescott’s moment.

Coming off the second pick-six of his career (though it was hardly his fault), Prescott engineered a 17-play, 79-yard drive that lasted nearly nine minutes and put the Dallas Cowboys in the lead with 73 seconds to play.

While just about everybody else wondered if the Cowboys had left too much time on the clock, Prescott wasn’t one of them.

“I’m going to trust my defense,” Prescott said.

Rodgers pinged his way down the field through the air and with his legs, just as Prescott had on the previous drive that ended with him running for an 11-yard touchdown. But just like in January, Prescott could only watch on the sidelines as the Green Bay Packers quarterback engineered another comeback, beating the Cowboys with a touchdown pass with 11 seconds to play.

As much as the Cowboys' defense had to make a play to stop Rodgers, could Prescott have stopped at the 1, which would have allowed the Cowboys to eat up more of the clock?

“In theory, he could do that, yes,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said.

But Garrett would not have advised it.

“I just think you have to be careful about trying to be perfect,” Garrett said. “It’s hard to score points in this league. It’s hard to score touchdowns. It’s a four-point game at that time. There’s no guarantee you’re going to score a touchdown there, so I think in that particular case he did the right thing.”

Prescott did not think twice about getting the touchdown.

“You’re playing with fire doing that,” Prescott said. “Those guys get paid on defense too. If you’re running down and you’re trying to get it to third down, you’re wasting the time. It’s a slippery slope. For us, it’s important to get in the end zone and put the pressure on them.”

Even if Rodgers is on the other sideline.

“We don’t pay attention to who is on the other side,” Prescott said. “We have high expectations and we hold ourselves to a high standard on offense. We want points every time we get the ball. We expect every play to score, and we’re not thinking about [No.] 12 on the other side or any offense that you’re playing, no matter what game it is.”

Prescott has thrown three touchdown passes in each of his past two games, against the Los Angeles Rams and the Packers, and the Cowboys have lost. The Cowboys have scored 30 and 31 points in their past two games and lost. They have gotten points on 10 of their past 19 drives and lost. They have put up 440 and 408 yards in their past two games and lost.

On Sunday, Prescott finished with 251 yards on 25 of 36 passing. He ran four times for 37 yards, including his second rushing touchdown of the season. He threw two touchdown passes to Cole Beasley and one to Dez Bryant. On his interception, Prescott's pass went through Terrance Williams’ hands and into the hands of Damarious Randall, who returned it for a touchdown.

After that play, however, he completed 5 of 7 passes and did all that he could do to win.

“I thought he was outstanding,” Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. “I thought it was maybe -- I’m going to say it was the best game I’ve seen him play since he’s been a Cowboy. We got on his back. He carried the team on his back.”

It just wasn’t enough to beat Rodgers.