Zack Martin: Concussion 'almost felt like my head was vibrating'

FRISCO, Texas -- Guard Zack Martin never had a concussion in all of his years playing football, from his childhood, through high school, through four years at Notre Dame and through his first three years with the Dallas Cowboys.

During Dallas' Thanksgiving Day game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Martin had a helmet-to-helmet block while pulling on a running play. Staggered, he dropped to a knee for a few seconds and made his way back to the huddle.

He remained in for the rest of the drive, but when he got to the sideline, he was put through cognitive testing and was unable to return.

“It just almost felt like my head was vibrating,” Martin said. “Almost just needed to take a second to get back to equilibrium. But it was good.”

Martin could not shake the symptoms on the sideline, but he made it through most of the protocol by the middle of last week. He was listed as a limited participant in practice but played every snap in the 38-14 victory against the Washington Redskins on Nov. 30.

“I would say by the time I came back to the facility after our two-day break, I felt pretty normal,” Martin said.