Cowboys practice in the elements to prepare for New Jersey weather

FRISCO, Texas -- With a high of 39 degrees forecast for Sunday in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the Dallas Cowboys altered their normal Thursday schedule by practicing outside with cold and windy weather.

“Since I’ve lived here, this has been the warmest fall,” offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said. “We literally went from like early fall to middle of the winter in like three days here so it’s helped for us to be able to put two good days out there in more game-like weather that we’ll probably get on Sunday."

Normally, the Cowboys practice inside the Ford Center on Thursdays and Fridays.

Dak Prescott wore gloves during the early portion of practice. At some point in the session, he cut the fingertips off the gloves to get a better feel for the ball but he will opt to go without gloves Sunday.

“Spinning the ball is important in the wind,” coach Jason Garrett said. “You want to be able to throw a good spiral so it cuts through the wind. But beyond that, sometimes I think it can be overthought by a lot of different people. We understand what the conditions are. They’re that way this time of year every time you go up there. Just go out there and play.”

Players enjoy routines but they weren’t thrown off by the change.

“I always think it’s good to practice in the elements that you’re going to be in that week,” tight end Jason Witten said. “Personally, just allows you to prepare for it and go through it. Hey, look, it’s football. This is when it gets fun. If you can’t handle that then you’re not going to win many games and be playing in the games you expect to.”

Having played for the Giants for one season, Garrett was aware of the legendary stories regarding the wind at the old Giants Stadium. MetLife Stadium might have similar wind patterns depending on the weather, but Garrett won’t get caught up too much in them.

“There’s a lot of different people who tell you their theories on which way it’s blowing, when it’s blowing, how it’s coming off this corner, how it’s coming off that corner,” Garrett said. “My experience is you can’t get too caught up in it. Obviously when you’re kicking a ball or deciding which direction you want to go, it becomes a factor. But once you’re playing, you just need to go play.”