Archie Manning praises Peyton, Romo

DALLAS -- In town for an event honoring Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, former NFL quarterback Archie Manning praised not only his son Peyton for his fast start to the season but Tony Romo as well.

Romo meets Manning and the Denver Broncos Sunday at AT&T Stadium.

"We're proud of him," Archie Manning said. "They've gotten off to a good start, like all quarterbacks he’s worked hard; everybody wants to get off to a good start. The good news is he’s played long enough to know this can't last forever and it gets tougher and tougher and he knows all of those things. Hopefully they can stay healthy. I don’t want to see anybody get hurt, and I hope they can play at a high level."

Manning is off to one of the best starts in league history for a quarterback. He's got 16 touchdowns and no interceptions, leads the NFL in at least seven passing categories and has more touchdowns than every other team in the league.

Roger Staubach, a Hall of Fame quarterback with the Cowboys, is also impressed.

"He's amazing, got some real good receivers in Denver and he's an extremely smart quarterback," Staubach said. "He studies like crazy and he knows what's going on over there and he's making it look easy. You never know. You get a different matchup and people start watching film and seeing some of that and you see he has tendencies, but he is the best right now in the league. He and [Tom] Brady and [Aaron] Rodgers, and I have Tony in my top 5."

Archie Manning and Staubach didn't ignore the works of Romo, who is third in completion percentage and fourth in passer rating.

"He's played good for years," Archie Manning said of Romo. "I think we’re all guilty of making quarterbacks like tennis players and golfers. Quarterbacks play as good as their team plays, and Tony, if protected and his receivers do the job and gets a little running game, he plays a great quarterback as good as anybody."