Chat recap: Cowboys still a destination?

IRVING, Texas – We got back into the flow of the chat on Wednesday, spending an hour answering all kinds of Dallas Cowboys questions.

In the chat we discussed:

  • How much Dez Bryant and Tyron Smith could be paid.

  • Jason Garrett as a general manager.

  • What Scott Linehan will bring to the offense.

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This question stood out.

Mike D (Washington, D.C.): How much of a "Dream Job" is the Cowboys HC position? With JJ's presence, is it really a glamour job like Yankees manager, Lakers HC, etc? For that matter, is it even the best job in the NFL?

Todd Archer: Bill Parcells came out of retirement for it and work for Jerry. It's still a dream job. There's a lot that comes with the dinner, as Garrett likes to say, but that's because of the franchise history and Jerry. Is it the best job in the NFL? Good question. I don't think so. Pittsburgh might be better because you're guaranteed a certain level of security. Baltimore might be better because of the front office situation. But it's one of the five best jobs. The Cowboys will never lack for interest in the spot.

Please allow me to expand my thoughts:

The Cowboys will not have to worry about finding a replacement for Garrett if or when they need one. When Linehan was asked what drew him to the team as passing game coordinator his answer was simple: "It's the Dallas Cowboys."

He could have gone elsewhere, but it's the Dallas Cowboys. It will always be the Dallas Cowboys.

Bill Parcells likened it to playing the big room. This from a guy who coached in New York. The Cowboys would never have to worry about what Sean Payton did to the Oakland Raiders. He had an agreement in place to be the Raiders head coach, but backed out. Jerry Jones bumped his salary up to $1 million and after the 2005 season he was off to the New Orleans Saints.

Jerry will have the pick of the coaches he wants. If he wants a name, then a name like Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher would consider it. I’m not saying that’s the route he would go, but this is the big room. And the big room pays a lot of money.