Todd Archer's practice observations

** Allowed to practice for the first time during camp with the CBA settled, CB Bryan McCann returned punts and kickoffs. Still no sign of Dez Bryant on the punt return team. He could be just a situational guy on punt returns.

** Before the workout, TE Martellus Bennett practiced catching passes with one hand. The other day he mentioned how Tampa Bay’s Kellen Winslow does the same.

** The defense worked on defending Hail Mary plays during its teaching period. Interesting to see LBs DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer double-team a receiver at the line to delay the takeoff before they went to rush the passer.

** The first-team offense ended a two-minute drill without a touchdown when a blitz forced QB Tony Romo to throw the ball earlier than he wanted to WR Dez Bryant. Earlier in the drive, Bryant cut inside and failed to get out of bounds, which kept the clock running. As the play unfolded, Romo yelled to get out of bounds.

** DE Igor Olshansky had a tackle for loss on Lonyae Miller during the inside run portion of practice. With the additions of Marcus Spears, Kenyon Coleman and Jason Hatcher, Olshansky will have to make more plays like that.

** Romo’s prettiest throw of the day was on a comeback to the wide side of the field to Bryant that was just over the fingertips of Ware. He also had a nice check-off to Miles Austin in the slot when the receiver was able to slide away from CB Orlando Scandrick.

** The No. 1 offense had a bad stretch during a portion of team drills when three plays went like this: Victor Butler sack, mix-up with WR Kevin Ogletree and a dropped deep ball by Jesse Holley, who was practicing for the first time in camp, as well.

** Coleman showed some rust with an offside penalty, but he also showed some force when he shoved OT Sam Young to the ground on a pass rush move that forced an early Jon Kitna throw.

** S Collin Zych forced a fumble on Bennett, knocking the ball free just as Bennett started to turn up field. S Andrew Sendejo picked up the recovery.

** Kickers David Buehler and Dan Bailey made their “mayday” field goals from 44 and 51 yards, respectively, as the coaches put the players through end-of-game situations.

**S Danny McCray had a nice breakup of a pass in the end zone to Jason Witten in the two-minute drill. McCray worked on the first-team dime package.