Setting the Cowboys' draft plate

IRVING, Texas -- Now that the NFL has set the compensatory picks, let’s look at where the Cowboys are scheduled to pick in the May draft in each round:

First round: No. 16 overall

Second round: No. 47 overall

Third round: No. 78 overall

Fourth round: No. 119 overall

Fifth round: No. 158 overall

Sixth round: No selection

Seventh round: No. 229 overall (from Chicago)

Seventh round: No. 231 overall

Seventh round: No. 238 (from Kansas City)

Seventh round: No. 248 overall (compensatory)

Seventh round: No. 251 overall (compensatory)

Seventh round: No. 254 overall (compensatory)

The Cowboys’ sixth round pick went to the Kansas City Chiefs in the trade for defensive end Edgar Jones, but they also received a seventh rounder in return. The pick from the Chicago Bears came in the trade for tight end Dante Rosario.

Teams cannot trade compensatory picks.