NFLN Survey/Super Bowl player: Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- Somewhat lost amid Peyton Manning’s return to a Super Bowl is the first trip to the big game Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey will make.

Bailey has been among the best cornerbacks of his generation, and after 15 seasons, he is finally getting a chance to win a title.

When 320 players across the league were asked which player -- active, non-teammate -- they would like to see in the Super Bowl in the NFL Nation survey, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was the top answer. He earned five of the Cowboys’ 10 votes in the survey. Eighty-eight players league-wide received a vote.

Bringing this to the Cowboys, Tony Romo earned the most votes with nine. Jason Witten and Dez Bryant earned two votes. DeMarcus Ware earned one. Somehow, so did Danny McCray.

Romo has said over and over again that winning is the only way quarterbacks are judged. He has one playoff victory and has missed the playoffs in his past three seasons when he has had 90 touchdown passes and 39 interceptions.

He receives a ton of grief from opponents, media and fans for what he hasn’t done yet. The 2007 season in which the Cowboys went 13-3 but lost in the divisional round of the playoffs to the New York Giants looms as the biggest missed opportunity.

Romo turns 34 in April and the chances are running out on finally making a Super Bowl, like Bailey has, but he is not about to stop trying. With three straight 8-8 finishes, it is hard to imagine the Cowboys making it to Super Bowl XLIX, but that is what drives Romo and Witten as they enter their 12th seasons.