Jason Witten hopes to speak with Ozzie Newsome

IRVING, Texas – Last season Jason Witten surpassed Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome for third place for catches among tight ends in NFL history. This year he moved passed Newsome in receiving yards.

On Sunday in Baltimore, Witten and Newsome will be in the same stadium and Witten hopes to speak in person for the first time with the Ravens general manager.

“Obviously I know what kind of player he was and everybody has told me about him back when he was in college at Alabama,” Witten said. “That probably, in all of these (honors), is the most humbling thing because I think he was probably the biggest staple of a tight end really from that era that we know of. To be able to pass a guy like that, that was probably one of the most special things for me as an individual player.”

Only Tony Gonzalez and Shannon Sharpe have more catches and yards as tight ends in NFL history than Witten, but the Cowboys’ seven-time Pro Bowler believes Newsome deserves credit for how tight ends play today.

“There’s no question really when you think this about this position now really for the last decade or really six or seven years, it’s taken back off,” Witten said. “Obviously Tony Gonzalez has been doing it, but those guys doing it, (Newsome) and (Kellen) Winslow Sr., those guys, really every opportunity we have now is from what they did.”