Owner knows Williams is concerned

There is all this discussion around here about should Roy E. Williams be put on notice by the Cowboys.

In two uneventful seasons, Williams hasn't produced. Putting out the numbers again really serves no purpose, because we all know them.

But the man who signs the checks at Valley Ranch, Jerry Jones, talked about if Williams has a sense of urgency regarding his career with the Cowboys and shold he be nervous about his status.

"You don’t need to manufacture things to make Roy nervous," Jones said. "Just our situation and as a matter of fact, his ability to handle the things that would make any of us nervous has been impressive to me and it's one of the things I'm encouraged about."

Jones was asked is Williams taking enough heat?

"He's getting that from enough places but his ability to handle that from enough places is a big plus," Jones said. "It's one of the things that I would say the average to a high percentage people and players I've known would have been a more negative reacting than he's been and I think that’s a plus. He knows how to make it a positive time and I've seen him do that, if he will continue to work we’ll be fine with Roy and he’s going to be fine with us."

Is Williams concerned?

Yeah, he is. He knows he has to get better but it takes two people to stay married. The problem with Williams is trust between him and the coaching staff (Jason Garrett) and the quarterback (Tony Romo). The type of plays run for Williams is also another issue.

These issues must get resolved if 2010 is going to be a productive season.

If the Cowboys bench Williams, Patrick Crayton, a solid No. 3 receiver, Kevin Ogletree and Sam Hurd are the options. You could also say, well the Cowboys should have gotten another wide receiver.

Who was out there?

Brandon Marshall. It costs you a first round pick and an average salary of about $8 million. That's what Miles Austin might get and the Cowboys gave up a first round pick to get Williams two years ago.

Anquan Boldin. It would have cost you some middle round picks, but Boldin wants to get paid.

Nate Burleson. You really believe he's better than Williams?

Terrell Owens. Let's not go there.

Williams isn't going anywhere, his salary, close to $13 million is guaranteed regardless if he's on the roster or not says so. And, the Cowboys believe they can get him fixed.