Jones confirms potential move to Frisco

OAKLAND -- The Dallas Cowboys are in the final stages of moving their practice facility from Irving, Texas to Frisco, Texas.

Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones has been mum on the potential move until a brief comment about it after the Cowboys' loss to the Oakland Raiders on Friday night.

"The protocol here is for the council to address it," Jones said, referring to the Frisco city council, which meets Monday to make a final determination on the move. "The leaders there, the city leaders, will address that, but we are moving toward a time when on Monday they will all review it."

The Cowboys have practiced in their Valley Ranch complex since 1983, but after Cowboys Stadium -- now AT&T Stadium -- was built some North Texas cities have expressed interest in upgrading the practice facility.

Arlington, Irving and Frisco were the main cities in line for a move.

Irving would most likely have had to upgrade the current facility, and Arlington could have built one next to AT&T Stadium.

Frisco seems like the best fit based on available land and the city's commitment to adding sports teams.

The Dallas Stars train in Frisco, the Texas Rangers' Double-A team, the Dallas Mavericks' D-League team and the MLS' FC Dallas team plays in the city.

"We are close enough to Monday, and the right thing for everybody concerned here is to let the council and let the leadership look at everything," Jones said. "Evaluate it, make their decision and we will go from there, and that's going to happen sooner rather than later."