Edwards: TCU should stay ahead of Boise

It was a strange week in terms of the polls and BCS standings. Despite Oregon's victory over USC making Boise State's win over the Ducks all the more impressive, TCU gained ground on Boise State in both polls.

"That was a little unusual and unexpected to see TCU make a little bit of a move," Edwards said. "Maybe it was a delayed reaction from a bunch of voters that hadn't noticed the TCU score from the week before and finally were made aware of it. I don't know. But it helps TCU."

The Frogs jumped in front of Boise State after last week's games on the strength of the computer rankings. Then, TCU was behind Boise State in both polls, but four spots up in the computers. Oregon's win allowed Boise State to gain two spots on TCU in the computers. But the Frogs more than made up for that in the polls. TCU jumped to No. 4 in the coaches poll, just barely in front of Boise State (by six points). The Frogs were still two spots behind the Broncos in the Harris poll, but cut the deficit nearly in half to 87 points.

"The coaches have already moved them ahead of Boise, so you would think that if TCU wins out, given the Utah game on the schedule, there's not much Boise can do," Edwards said. "Looking at Boise's remaining schedule, I don't think there's an opponent that allows them to do anything to impress new voters."

One thing Edwards does believe helps Boise is the fact that they play some weekday games. That puts them on national TV and a focus for voters. Meanwhile TCU, which used to have a schedule that included plenty of weekday games, plays all Saturday games.

"TCU is stuck with a TV deal where a lot of people that have the channels in their homes don't know they have them," Edwards said. "Boise will get TV exposure more. So people will have a chance to see them win by 30 or 40. But as long as TCU is winning by those scores, I don't anticipate it will make a difference."