Patterson defends non-BCS schools

TCU coach Gary Patterson was asked about whether TCU and other non-BCS teams could compete in some of the bigger conferences. Patterson was quick to point out TCU's non-conference schedule.

"Through the years, we've played Texas, Oklahoma. This year we went to Clemson, which is a hard place to play," said Patterson on his weekly conference call Tuesday afternoon. "I've never felt like it did you any good to talk up your team. You have to talk on the field, but we've been highly competitive and I think we'll be there in years to come with whoever we play."

Patterson added that critics need to look at how well many of the top non-BCS teams have played against BCS conference opponents the last few years. He also said TCU is going to continue to play good teams, like Oklahoma and Virginia in 2012 and LSU in future schedules.

"We haven't backed down from anybody," Patterson said. "We try to schedule home-and-homes and a lot of school will say, 'You can come to our place.'"