Choosing bowl gifts

FORT WORTH -- I was at TCU on Saturday doing a few interviews in preparation for the Fiesta Bowl and the TCU players were busy picking out their gifts.

Every bowl is allowed to spend a certain amount of money on each player and in this case, the Fiesta Bowl had set up a points system where each player could pick an item or two. Think of it like a pre-Christmas shopping trip.

Some of the items included a 26-inch HDTV, a recliner (Jake Kirkpatrick told me he thought about getting that, but didn't have any place to put it), video game systems, personal DVD player and even a cowboy hat.

TCU is going through final exams this week, so they won't practice until Thursday or Friday, depending on when exams are finished, as they prepare to face Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 4.