Brown: coaches underestimated Suh

Nebraska defensive end Ndamukong Suh led such an aggressive push that the Cornhuskers' front completely overwhelmed the Texas offensive line, leading to nine sacks of quarterback Colt McCoy.

"As coaches, we knew that Suh was a really good football player. We did not anticipate him dominating the game like he did so that’s on us as coaches, it’s not on those kids," Texas coach Mack Brown said. "If you put a young man in a position where he can’t hold up and you don’t change it then that’s us."

Texas coaches hope to have an answer for a dominant Alabama front line that has similar personnel to that of Nebraska, only Brown described Alabama as having three Suhs up front. "That's the problem," Brown said. At the forefront of Alabama's line is "Mount Cody," the Crimson Tide's 6-foot-5, 365-pound nose guard Terrence Cody.

Texas will get their one and only look at Cody on Jan. 7 when No. 2 Texas faces No. 1 Alabama in the BCS national championship at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.

Brown joked that Cody and Co.'s performances are so fearsome that he can't show it all to his team. It's just too much to stomach.

"Everywhere you look they're knocking people down," Brown said. "We've been afraid to show it to our kids. We'll try to limit how much film we show them. Cut some plays out and go real slow with them. We're not going to feed them all of it at once."