Let's talk TCU's uniforms

By now, most of you know that TCU has decided to wear the Nike Pro Combat uniforms for the Fiesta Bowl. That means you'll see that black and red TCU helmet, the lizard-skin -- or Horned Frog-skin -- looking pants and the purple jerseys with "Don't Back Down" embroidered in the collar.

TCU had considered wearing the uniforms for the bowl game even before playing Utah as the debut of the uniforms. It was talked about that if the Utah game went well and the team won, they'd consider breaking them out for a big bowl game. So that's what they are doing.

As for 2010, nothing has been decided yet. Could TCU end up wearing them for home games next year? Sure. But the original agreement was "special occasions," of which the Utah game and the Fiesta Bowl qualify. So I imagine TCU would have to come to another agreement with Nike. And I wonder if they want to use an entirely different helmet for home and away games. Very few schools do that now. But the players love the jersey and really went crazy when they saw it for the first time before the Utah game.

Here's my thinking: Just wear the jersey every once in a while. That's what makes it special. Wear it for the Oregon State game at Cowboys Stadium. Maybe for the BYU home game. Big games. But don't abandon the regular purple uniforms at home completely. That's just me.

What do you think?