OSU's OL Okung has it going on

Three-hundred pound Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung has this whole thing figured out. Not only is he a standout footblal player who will be a high draft pick in April's NFL Draft, he also made sure he'd make it in the real world if he wasn't so dang good at football.

In fact, Okung was more receptive talking about the marketing degree he just earned after taking 18 class hours during the fall semester.

Eighteen hours? On top of football? When did you sleep?

"You know what they say, sleep is for the unsuccessful and the undriven mindset," Okung said. "So I didn’t sleep at all.

"I worked hard and I persevered and I got my degree," said Okung, who follows his mother, a Texas Southern alum, as college graduates in his family. "It’s been great and I have that piece of paper that says you’re capable of learning. I’m just glad to get to go out in life."

Okung and the Cowboys take on Mississippi on Saturday in the Cotton Bowl Classic at Cowboys Stadium. The other day, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said innocently enough that playing in the bowl game should be a great motivator for pro prospects on both teams to show their stuff.

"I can’t agree with him on that," Okung said, rather surprisingly. "Waking up everyday and playing football, that’s a great motivator."

So you don't feel like you're on audition: "No, not at all," Okung said.

For a marketing major, the 6-foot-5 Okung isn't exactly doing a great job of marketing himself

"I know, I’ve been doing a horrible job," Okung said. "I’d rather market the team right now."