A few Fiesta Bowl notes

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Happy New Year, everyone. For those TCU fans (and Boise State, for that matter) getting ready to head out to Arizona, you can expect beautiful weather. I just got here and it's quite nice.

Temperatures are in the high 60s now with blue skies. It's certainly good weather to practice outside and get ready for Monday's Fiesta Bowl.

I'll be here blogging as much as I possibly can the next four days leading up to the Fiesta Bowl. Both teams will practice tomorrow and then the two coaches talk to the media one final time on Sunday before Monday's big game.

A few quick notes:

* Defensive back Rafael Priest has a sprained foot. TCU coach Gary Patterson said it was "possible" Priest could play, but I wouldn't bet on it. Patterson is confident Greg McCoy can handle things.

"Through the season we have had guys step up," Patterson said. "Robert Hanson last year wasn't able to play in the Poinsettia Bowl and Daryl Washington had to start. He ended up having a great season for us this year. That's what good programs do. You've got to move forward."

* Boise State formally announced a contract extension for coach Chris Petersen. It's a five-year deal that takes him through 2014. And well-deserved, I might add.

* Boise State will probably play Brenel Myers at right tackle in place of the injured Garrett Pendergast, who has a broken ankle. Myers' job won't be an easy one: Contain TCU All-American defensive end Jerry Hughes.

* Boise State WR Austin Pettis, nephew of Rangers first-base coach Gary Pettis, remains questionable with an ankle injury. But he could still end up holding on kicks. Hunter White, though, is ready.

* TCU will practice tomorrow afternoon and it's closed to the public and the media. Patterson indicated today that he's getting his team to take off the shoulder pads and allowing them to get a break from some of the physical stuff. This is something TCU has done in the middle of game week all season and something Patterson feels has helped his team's stamina.