Muschamp next UT coach, but not soon

Now that it appears jilted Tennessee will make a run at Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, I wanted to re-run a blog post from Jan. 7 in Pasadena, Calif., the day before Texas played Alabama in the BCS national championship game.

I asked Mack Brown about his future plans. He had obviously tapped Muschamp as his successor, but no timetable was ever set and one won't be set. According to Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds, Brown is free to remain Texas' head coach as long as he desires. Brown made it clear last week that he and Muschamp have an understanding that Brown does not plan to step down anytime soon. Brown said that as one of the highest-paid coordinators in the country ($900,000), Muschamp, 38, might be willing to grow as a coach and be patient for his turn.

Here's what Brown had to say:

"People do not understand this by-and-large. Will and I have not talked about it since the first day. My wife and I have not talked about it. The athletic director and the president and I have not talked about it. What we decided is, Will is young, and he's tremendously talented. I've liked to say it compliments me when I say I see some young Mack Brown in him at the same age, and I feel like that he understands that I'm going to be around for a while.

"He's a very highly paid defensive coordinator and he's doing a good job with it. ... At the right time, the transition will be very, very smooth when I do step out. But very honestly, the decision was not made for today or tomorrow. It was made for down the road, and he and I are good with that."

Muschamp has earned the reputation as one of the best DC's in the business. If Tennessee doesn't tempt him, there surely will be others -- perhaps one day even his alma mater Georgia -- before Brown decides to retire. Muschamp, meanwhile, is in an envious spot. He's well-paid and loved at his current school, a perennial power, and promised the head job at some point. Yet he's free to talk to others and free to bolt if he deems a job too good to pass up. Not bad.