June Jones' team building philosophy

June Jones is an offensive guy. The success of his run-and-shoot offense is well-documented and now it's working at SMU, which is celebrating a strong recruiting class today. Jones just visited with GAC on ESPN 103.3 and gave his philosophy for turning a losing program around.

Jones said put a great offense on the field and the defense will follow.

"When you go into these situations that have a history of losing, it’s awful hard to get it turned around by getting commitments on the defensive side of the ball because they are really more into the wins," Jones said. "I think offensively you can get receivers. They see the dollar signs if they catch a hundred balls and the quarterback possibly being the top passer in the country. You can compete on the those kinds of kids and they will come early. Now, we have I would say in this class we probably have eight to 10 defensive players that we never would have had a shot at my first year here."