How does this expansion talk impact MWC?

Obviously, there's a lot of talk about what all of this talk about the Pac-10 inviting six Big 12 teams would do to both leagues. But is there an opportunity here for the Mountain West Conference? Warning: This is just speculation on my part, but it's fun to discuss.

Let's say the Pac-10 takes a gaggle of Big 12 teams. At that point, shouldn't the MWC try to jump in and grab those remaining teams? Seems like Kansas, Kansas State and Baylor, for instance, would look good in the MWC. They could even grab SMU to try to push even more into the Dallas-Fort Worth market to join TCU.

Of course, the Big 12 might try to do the same, grabbing TCU and a few other teams, including Houston, Rice and SMU to try to keep the regional conference affiliation in this area. (Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle blogged about that this morning). But the MWC is poised to strengthen itself with an invitation to Boise State. They could get even stronger with some sort of merger with as many remaining Big 12 teams as possible.

What about Nebraska? Maybe they could end up in the MWC if the Big 10 doesn't invite them and they are left out of this Pac-10 party.

Anyway, just a thought from the MWC perspective. We'll see if they can make a mark if this Big 12 raid occurs.