Report: Boise not invited to join MWC

UPDATE: The Idaho Statesman has just reported in a breaking-news bulletin that the Mountain West Conference will not invite Boise State to join the league.

Judging by some of the reports coming out of Jackson, Wyo., where the Mountain West Conference is holding its summer meetings, there's big-time skepticism that the Pac-10/Big 12 merger talks will keep the MWC from offering Boise State membership as expected before this recent uproar.

The MWC might want to wait it out and see what happens elsewhere. The MWC was as worried about keeping its current cast together as it was about adding teams to bolster its image and chances of being included as a BCS conference. It has long feared that Pac-10 expansion could swipe Utah and BYU. A Pac-10/Big 12 merger would alleviate those fears.

The Idaho Statesman is reporting that the MWC meetings, scheduled to run through Tuesday, appear to be wrapping up today and it appears that Boise will not be getting an invitation at this point. The paper reported that no school presidents will be at the press conference headed by MWC commissioner Craig Thompson, noting that when TCU was invited, BYU president Cecil Samuelson, the chairman of the board of directors, made the announcement.

No one knows what it could mean for the MWC if six Big 12 schools bolt for the Pac-10. Could the MWC just move in? Probably not. If the Big 12 South (including either Baylor or the North's Colorado) heads to the Pac-10, it would be more plausible that Nebraska and Missouri move to the Big Ten and totally wipe out the Big 12. In that case, would the MWC and the remaining Big 12 schools merge? If Colorado is left behind, would the MWC want to add Boise and Colorado, just Colorado?

Too many questions out there, too many dominoes to fall.

More should be learned about a possible invitation to Boise shortly.