New Big 12 would be same as old Big Ten

A 10-team Big 12 would be the same as the old 11-team Big Ten -- a top-heavy league schedule and no championship game.

For years, the Big Ten -- and mostly Ohio State -- has absorbed shot after shot for winning a mediocre conference, gaining a spot in the BCS national championship game and then taking a licking. And, really, the former 10-team Pac-10 wasn't much different. Non-conference schedule aside, how treacherous were USC's treks through the Pac-10 powers to those national championship games?

If a 10-team Big 12 emerges, it will do without a title game and seemingly Oklahoma and Texas would play for the national title if either team runs the table. Now, there could be consequences in terms of strength of schedule, but if Texas and Oklahoma start the season ranked in the top 10, which both likely will, an undefeated regular season would seemingly pave the way for the Horns or Sooners to play for the BCS title.

Meanwhile, the gauntlet that is the SEC remains the toughest in college football, and a new, 12-team Big Ten with a championship game, just got a little trickier.