Notre Dame's Kelly breathes sigh of relief

Money, TV Network Kept Texas In Big 12 (2:06)

Kelly Naqi talks about why Texas decided to remain in the Big 12 (2:06)

Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly was quite candid to Bruce Feldman of ESPN The Magazine following Monday's announcement that the Big 12 would survive as a 10-team league.

The highlight:

"I was very excited to hear that Texas held together the Big 10 or Big 12 or whatever you're calling it. I thought that was pretty telling," Kelly said. "Obviously, if Texas goes to the Pac-10, there's a chance that there are super conferences and they'll cast a big shadow -- I would have been nervous whether we could've stayed on the sidelines. Now, if things stablize, nothing really happened in the Pac-10 if you look at it: USC Trojans went on probation, the best quarterback got kicked off the Oregon Ducks team and they took the Colorado Buffaloes. That's not such a big deal for me. The Nebraska Cornhuskers went to the Big Ten. Nothing else occurred for me to be nervous. Texas was obviously a huge piece."