Tuberville blames TV stint for loose lips

IRVING, Texas -- A few weeks ago, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe reprimanded Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville for going on the radio and saying that the Big 12 with 10 teams is a doomed setup because of the inequities in splitting revenue.

He's the only Big 12 coach or official who has openly criticized the league its restructuring after the near implosion. Tuesday during his time on the stage at the Big 12 Media Days, Tuberville blamed, well, the media -- sort of -- for his honest assessment of how he sees it.

"It's great to be back at a Media Day. I was out for a year working on your guys' side of the ball a little bit, actually working in television," said Tuberville, who had a stint with ESPN after being fired at Auburn. "In television, they taught us to speak our mind. I forgot to get that out of my mind a few weeks ago, so I've got to get back on the coaching side."

Tuberville obviously is skeptical about the long-term health of a 10-team Big 12. He was asked Tuesday if he remains concerned about the future of the Big 12 considering the Big Ten and SEC could expand and potentially rock the college landscape again.

"I was just disappointed we lost two teams. We come here and you lose Nebraska and Colorado, but everything will pick up where we left off," Tuberville said. "I mean, we have our responsibility as coaches to make our teams better. The presidents and the athletic directors and the commissioner have committed, hey, they're going to make this the best conference in the country. We're all behind them. I'm excited about it."