Bob Stoops thought Pac-16 could be cool

IRVING, Texas -- Maybe it's the cool visor, but Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said when it looked like the Big 12 was history, he was getting geeked about playing on the West Coast in a Pac-16.

"When it seemed inevitable, [I was] kind of excited, thinking about the different venues, different opportunities, playing some games out west is exciting," Stoops said. "Who knows, having a possible championship game in the Rose Bowl might have been cool."

The only thing not cool about it would have been playing in the same division as his brother Mike, the head coach at Arizona, and facing one another every season.

"He wasn't real excited about having us and Texas in the same division, but he like I was, in a way, and don't take this wrong, was kind of excited about it; just a different opportunity," Stoops said. 'Again, I'm very excited about where we are now [with a 10-team Big 12]. And let's face it, we're operating right now like the Pac-10 and Big Ten have for over 100 years. What's the big deal? Now, the shoe's on the other foot. We don't have a championship game and they likely will. In the end, we're still a strong product, which I think is obvious to everybody when you look."