Beavers' Riley ready for Cowboys Stadium

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Oregon State football coach Mike Riley said he's ready for a trip to Texas that will have him visiting old friend and TCU coach Gary Patterson, though their teams will be anything but friendly Sept. 4 in the 2010 Cowboys Classic between the Beavers and Frogs. Here are some of Riley's thoughts on the game:

On making the deal to play in Texas...

"This was a deal when it came up, where I'm not sure football-wise for the Beavers it was real smart, but it was a tremendous challenge that was put out there, and we appreciate the work that went into forming it. And we're just excited about the opportunity for our team to play TCU, who we've looked at a lot and have a lot of respect for, and to play in Cowboys Stadium, which will be a chance of a lifetime for our players."

On the Texas-raised Rodgers brothers returning to their home state...

"It's kind of a sidebar to this thing, we've always wanted to have a game in Texas before Jacquizz and James [Rodgers] graduated, and this came up as a unique opportunity to do that. So that's obviously not the main reason, but it's fun for us to do that for these two fine young men. I always say, they've obviously impacted our football here at Oregon State, but they've also impacted our lives. They are two of the finest young men I have ever been around... They've represented their state of Texas very well."

On TCU's development from a defense-first team to a balanced approach...

"That's what happens in the development of a program. I think a guy comes in with an expertise of what he does, but Gary [Patterson] is a head coach and has developed an overall program, and he has a good picture of what an overall program is all about... There's no better example of the rise of a real program in all ways, from the character of the program to the quality of the football, it's something that takes a lot of time to get in place. TCU, through the work of Gary and his staff, have placed themselves nationally into a tremendous picture."