Does Vince Young really want the Heisman?

There was some head-scratching when former Texas quarterback Vince Young reversed field recently and said he would accept the Heisman Trophy if the Heisman committee stripped it from Reggie Bush and offered it to Young, the runner-up to Bush in 2005. Well, Bush later decided that he would relinquish the Heisman due to his transgressions while at USC before the committee could take it away.

But, why did Young, who initially said he wouldn't want it, suddenly change his mind?

Texas coach Mack Brown apparently knows the answer to that.

"I can’t speak for Vince. What I can say is that I was a huge part of the reason that he agreed that he would accept it because I asked him to in honor of the athletic department and the football team and all of his teammates," Brown said this week. "We thought the Heisman Trophy next to the National Championship trophy would be fitting. All of us thought that he had earned the right for the award at that time."

Brown said he believes the runner-up should be awarded the trophy rather than leaving that season vacant.

"In most cases, when someone vacates a trophy, they give it to the other person - the runner-up," Brown said. "Even in golf, if somebody doesn’t sign their card properly, somebody else wins. My opinion at the time, when I was asked, was that I had no opinion whether Reggie should lose his Heisman or give it back. That’s not my place. I haven’t put one-minute’s thought into that. The part that I put into it is, people ask me if I thought the runner-up should get it. I think yes. They ask me if I thought Vince would want it. That’s not my place, that’s Vince’s place, but I thought for the university and the athletic program, and I thought for Vince down the road, it would be really important for him to take it."