MMQB: Tech offense hopes to get up to speed

Texas Tech has had an extra week to work on Tommy Tuberville's offense, which wheezed to just 144 total yards in the 24-14 home loss to Texas.

Can you imagine 144 yards of total offense in the Mike Leach era? Quarterback Taylor Potts threw for 158 yards, while the running game went literally nowhere (-14 yards).

"We didn't do a lot of things right on offense," Tuberville said. "The thing that we're in right now. We're in transition of running a pretty complex offense. I thought the first couple of weeks we handled it well. We played a couple of teams that we were able to control the ball a little bit more the ground, a little bit more balance. We knew going into the game against Texas we were going to have to open it up a little bit more. We didn't handle that very well."

Texas Tech (2-1) hits the road for Iowa State (2-2, 0-1) on Saturday night looking to even its Big 12 record. Tuberville said the off-week was used to get back to basics with the offense, understanding what the unit can handle and then going up against the Red Raiders' first-team defense during scrimmages.

"What happens is when you put a new offense in, the speed of the game catches up with you," Tuberville said. "You can practice all week long, but you get into a game, all those things change because all those players are faster with the starting defenses that you play. Texas is obviously that. We didn't handle their speed very well. We've gone back to practicing against our defense, which has some very good speed, we play a lot of man-coverage, and so what we want to do is be able to react to the type of speed that we see on the defenses when we play them with the type of offense that we're running."