One way Cam Newton impacts TCU in 2010

The stories continue to trickle out about Cam Newton and his recruiting process last year. And unless the NCAA acts quickly, this may not be resolved until well after the rest of the 2010 season.

But that doesn't mean this can't still impact TCU's national title hopes (and Auburn's) in 2010. What if Auburn loses a close game to Alabama in Tuscaloosa and wins the SEC championship game in relatively impressive fashion. They'd have one loss and would be the SEC champions. In many years, that would be good enough to play for a national championship.

But with all of the controversy surrounding this, will voters actually put Auburn past an undefeated TCU team (assuming the Frogs take care of business against an underrated San Diego State team and in the season finale versus New Mexico) and into the national title game? My bet is no. I don't think Auburn will get any benefit of the doubt on that cause. And I'm not sure they should either way. But before all of this came down, I could see voters going with a one-loss SEC team. I can't see that now. Can you?

What do you think?