Gary Patterson glad TCU no longer non-AQ

FORT WORTH, Texas -- TCU football coach Gary Patterson attended Monday's news conference announcing the university's entrance into the Big East and talked after about what it does for his program now that he's going to be an automatic qualifier to the BCS starting in 2012.

Patterson said his team still has to win games to compete for a national title, but that they "access got easier, not the road." He added that the move won't change how he recruits.

"We're not going to make the mistake of becoming a national recruiter," Patterson said. "We'll still recruit our spots. We still know we built ourselves that way. Those are mistakes people have made in their programs is they try to become something else. We won't change much. But we've crossed some boundaries that have been held against us."

What are those?

"They can't say, 'Well, you're not an automatic qualifier,'" Patterson said. "That's changed for us. That's different now. You don't have that hanging over your head. That makes it a lot better for TCU."