Edwards: TCU could get title shot

ESPN.com BCS guru Brad Edwards said TCU is in position to get a shot at the national title game should Auburn or Oregon slip-up. While many of the ESPN college analysts were touting Wisconsin, Stanford or other one-loss teams on the BCS show Sunday night, Edwards was crunching the numbers and said he's "90 percent" sure TCU plays for the championship if BCS No. 1 Auburn or No. 2 Oregon fall this weekend.

"The only team that would have a shot of finishing ahead of them with one loss would be Auburn," Edwards said. "First, Auburn would have to lose a classic-type SEC championship game where it's down to the wire. Auburn would still be ranked higher than TCU in the computers, so they’d have to stay close to them in the polls. They’d need a lot of voters to drop them only to No. 3 and some to keep them ahead of TCU on their ballots. That won't be easy."

Edwards said one reason some voters may do that is Auburn's entire resume in 2010.

"It’s a reasonable stance to take a look at what both teams have done this season," Edwards said. "Auburn has five wins against current top-25 teams. That's the same number as Oregon, TCU, Stanford and Wisconsin combined. So you have to weight that up against the fact that Auburn didn’t win the conference title."

Even with that evidence, Edwards doesn't believe enough voters will prop up Auburn to keep them ahead of TCU should the Tigers lose in the SEC Championship game Saturday afternoon.

Edwards, for what it's worth, would put TCU at No. 2 and into the title game.

"My take on that is that if I’m voting for TCU to be in the top-2 and play in that game, I’m not doing it solely on what they did this year," Edwards said. "I’m doing it on a cumulative resume the last three years given that they have so many seniors and the same basic core. That’s the thing about the polls, there are no guidelines. You can vote on who you think is the best team, most deserving team, whatever you want to do."