Does A&M in Cotton mean Arkansas is out?

Now that Texas A&M has officially accepted a bid to the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 7, 2011 at JerryWorld, the fans of Arkansas have to wonder if they are out of the mix for a bid themselves should they not head to the Sugar Bowl.

An official with the bowl says that's not the case and that the SEC team can't be determined until after the SEC Championship game this weekend. But it sure seems unlikely the Cotton Bowl would want a rematch of a regular-season game.

If Auburn beats South Carolina and heads to the BCS Championship Game, Arkansas would likely go to the Sugar Bowl. But if Auburn loses, South Carolina goes to New Orleans and Auburn would probably go to the Orange Bowl as an at-large.

The Capital One Bowl picks before the Cotton and would have the choice between Arkansas, LSU and Alabama. So the Cotton Bowl could get a nice matchup without having to choose Arkansas. Can you imagine LSU-Texas A&M facing each other for the first time since 1995? Or Alabama-Texas A&M? I can hear all of the writers clicking Bear Bryant stories right now.

Something tells me that the Capital One Bowl, which has had LSU in the game several times the last decade, might opt for Alabama. If that happens, LSU-Texas A&M would have to thrill the Cotton Bowl officials and fill up Cowboys Stadium in a hurry.

Which SEC team do you want to see play A&M?