Countdown to the Rose Bowl is on

PASADENA, Calif. -- The Rose Bowl is filling up and it's easy to see which team will have the "home" edge. About two-thirds of the grand-old stadium will be red.

But, let's get real, I've just been told that Wisconsin has 25,000 alum living in California. TCU barely has that in DFW, so there's no surprise in the crowd advantage here. Still, purple is well-represented with the majority packed around one side of the TCU end zone.

As for the hubbub about which uniforms the Frogs will done for this most traditional bowl game, TCU has apparently ditched the Nike Combat uniforms and will wear solid purple pants with black shirts and the purple helmet.

It's not the look I'd prefer -- I'd go all traditional with white pants and purple jerseys -- but it's a better choice than those ridiculous Horned-Frog-skin things Nike came up with.

The Wisconsin Badgers will wear their traditional road uniforms consisting of red pants with bold white stripes, white jerseys with red numbers and stripes on the sleeves and white helmets with the red "W."

And, as for the weather, it's, well, beautiful. A little chillier than normal with temperatures in the low 50s, but blue skies with wispy white clouds. The Rose Bowl dodged a bullet with all the rain the area has seen recently. More rain is on tap Sunday and Monday.

So sit back and enjoy this one.