Baylor's Art Briles livens up media days

He was only on the podium for 10 minutes on Monday, but it sure seemed like a nice teaser to the one-on-one sessions later.

Art Briles invoked hurdler Edwin Moses and had the line of the day so far: "I take a lot of pride in being able to guess how much a man weighs."

Briles said the fact that Baylor made a bowl game for the first time since 1994 (they lost to Illinois in the Texas Bowl) was a big step. "Now we have to go on from there."

Briles said he isn't sure how long wide receiver Josh Gordon will be out for violating team rules. He's been "indefinitely suspended" by the school. Briles was asked how long Gordon might be out.

"I have no idea," Briles said. "Indefinitely might mean this afternoon, it might mean 10 years from now."

We'll chat up Briles and some Baylor players later today.