T.J. Moe catches passes and snaps photos

DALLAS -- Missouri wide receiver T.J. Moe, one of a talented group of wideouts in the Big 12 heading into 2011, conducted his interviews with the print media wearing a camera around his neck.

"One of our media folks is here and she was complaining that she doesn't have time to take pictures," Moe said. "So I took the camera, decided I was going to be the photographer for the day."

Moe was snapping photos of anyone and everyone at media day (and he claims he got one of me too).

"I've got about 100 pictures," Moe said. "I took a picture of all the cheerleaders I saw. I took Coach [Gary] Pinkel and media."

Moe said he's done it for the media department before and has enjoyed it.

"It's fun," Moe said.

Once the photos are downloaded, you can view them on the Missouri website.