More SEC support for Texas A&M

While we still wait for the official word on Texas A&M's move to the SEC, people around the SEC showed their support for the SEC Wednesday.

South Carolina president Dr. Harris Pastides likes the way the conference is now, but if someone is going to join he'll be happy if it is Texas A&M.

“I am very pleased with the current 12-university configuration of the Southeastern Conference. But, if we are going to expand, a university of Texas A&M's quality is a great choice,” Pastides said in a statement Wednesday. “The conference has been very careful in its deliberations. As a league, we know that this is not something that will happen until all of the Big 12 universities are in agreement about Texas A&M's withdrawal. It is prudent to wait to ensure that everyone is aligned. At the point that happens, I will join my colleagues in welcoming A&M.”

LSU coach Les Miles has been very optimistic about the impending move and expressed excitement at the possibility of having the Aggies as part of the SEC brethren during the SEC coaches call Wednesday.

"I think it would make great sense, great rationale if the SEC, the view A&M would give it, and the view of those schools in close proximity, obviously they would come back to Texas to play," Miles said. "It's obvious the view of the [Texas] newspaper[s] will now be SEC. You would think the conference -- I know we would -- enjoy greater coverage and greater view and it becomes SEC country."

Increased coverage means increased attention from recruits and their families, and the SEC would love to dip into that recruiting pool. Adding Texas A&M would make that much easier.

While Miles would be happy about gaining the Texas market, he isn't exactly thrilled about the possibility of the Big 12 crumbling. He did coach at both Oklahoma State and Colorado back in the day.

"As happy as I am to realize there will be a greater, clearer view of Texas, I'm saddened in some respect that the old Big Eight and Big 12 are kind of fragile right now," he said.

"I certainly understand adding a Texas team into the conference. A&M's great historic following and a traditional football power, and will allow us a greater view of the great state of Texas."