Stoops: OU would benefit from bad weather

It might not turn out to be Ice Bowl II. But there’s a decent chance it could be snowing and freezing in Stillwater by the time Bedlam kicks off on Saturday night.

“Around here that could change, but I’ll be darned if [the forecasters] weren’t right last week,” Bob Stoops said after Monday’s practice. “I didn’t think they were going to be on Friday.”

Facing light rains and wind gusts that reached 40 miles per hour, the Sooners defeated Iowa State 26-6.

If wintry conditions slam Boone Pickens Stadium, which team would benefit?

“I would think we would, that’s what I would say,” Stoops said. “You'd think in those conditions the running game becomes a little more important and stopping the run, those kinds of things -- what I felt we did well last weekend that made a big difference in the game.”

The Sooners only scored two touchdowns, but excluding a bad snap, rushed for 288 yards, while limiting Iowa State to 120 yards on the ground.

“We left some points on the board, but we did two things,” Stoops said. “And in those kind of conditions, those two things matter, running the ball and stopping the run.”

The last time OU and OSU played in the snow was 1985. Deemed the "Ice Bowl," the Sooners prevailed 13-0 in Stillwater.