Mack Brown's staying, but what's next?

AUSTIN, Texas -- Whether Mack Brown was campaigning for it or not, he received four more years.

And to think, no one even got to vote. Not that a vote was needed. A few rumors that Brown might retire, and Texas' athletic director DeLoss Dodds got to work to make sure it wouldn't happen. The sage septuagenarian decided he wanted to keep his best asset for a bit longer, or at least until Dodds himself rides off into the burnt orange sunset. Dodds is 74, after all.

It was the wise and prudent move. Brown and his program have allowed Texas, and Dodds, to build the richest and most powerful athletic department in the country. Sure, there have been a few blips -- 5-7 and 8-5 immediately come to mind. Those two seasons, the worst of Brown's career, had some fans questioning whether the coach had become complacent or incompetent.

Brown will even own up to the complacency charge. He and his staff lived on the name brand they had built and neglected to develop talent, innovate and, most of all, win.

As for the incompetence, well, from the suites to the cheap seats just about everyone believes they are better than the guy on the sideline.

In this case, they're not.

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