OU recruits use social media to break the ice

Stepping onto a college campus for the first time can be pretty intimidating, especially if you're going to a school where you don't know a single person.

Oklahoma quarterback commit Trevor Knight (San Antonio/Reagan) knew that and wanted to help ease that transition. And before he'll ever be considered a leader on the field, Knight already has become a leader for the 2012 recruiting class.

Knight committed to Texas A&M last spring before switching to the Sooners in July. Not long after, Knight took the first of several steps he has made to show what a natural leader he is.

Knight wanted to find a way to get in touch with his future teammates and had just the way. He created an invite-only Facebook page for all the Sooners' commits in the Class of 2012.

"I started the page so that all of us could keep in contact as a group," Knight said. "I think it has turned out working great and really allowed us to stay in closer contact and start that close-knit family atmosphere that is needed on a team that wants to be successful."

During the football season, the commits would get online and talk about their games as well as talk about how OU did that week. It became a way for the recruits to get introduced to each other.

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