How do Big 12 coaches measure nationally?

K-State's Bill Snyder has consistently proven to being one of the nation's elite coaches. Tim Heitman/US Presswire

Earlier this week, the Sporting News ranked the Big 12 coaches from top to bottom, but later on, it released its rankings of the nation's coaches from top to bottom.

How'd the Big 12 stack up?

Better than the rest of the competition.

Alabama's Nick Saban topped the list -- argue with that at your own risk and UMass' Charley Molnar brought up the bottom.

Where do the Big 12 boys rank?

  • No. 5: Bob Stoops, Oklahoma

  • No. 7: Gary Patterson, TCU

  • No. 10: Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State

  • No. 11: Bill Snyder, Kansas State

  • No. 16: Mack Brown, Texas

  • No. 40: Charlie Weis, Kansas

  • No. 41: Art Briles, Baylor

  • No. 44: Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia

  • No. 48: Paul Rhoads, Iowa State

  • No. 50: Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech

That's everybody well above the top half of the line.

From the Sporting News:

  • The Big 12 coaches have by far the best average ranking: 27.2, which crushes the second-best SEC’s average ranking of 43.3. Next in line: the Pac-12 (43.8), ACC (45.6) and Big Ten (46.8).

  • In our top 25 are five coaches apiece from the SEC and Big 12, four apiece from the Big Ten and Pac-12, and two apiece from the ACC and Mountain West.

What do you think?

For me, Stoops is where he needs to be. I might bump Patterson down a few spots, and Snyder up a few, just outside the top five. If someone can explain to me exactly how Weis should be above Briles, I'm all ears.

Briles has built a legitimate program in a place where it looked impossible. Weis' history as a head coach is taking a place where it should be impossible to lose, and eventually declining it until he was fired. Briles should be near the top 25.

I'd definitely move Paul Rhoads up about 10 spots, too. You could probably move Mack Brown down a couple spots, based on the hiccup in Texas' run lately. It's still to early to get a great feel for where Holgorsen should be.

What would you change?