Was TCU-Baylor the best game of '11?

The Big 12 football season got off to a pretty amazing start in 2011. I was there for it all, and I suspect several of you were watching, too.

But when the smoke cleared on the 2011 season, was that Friday-night thriller in September the best game of the entire season? It just may have been.

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Baylor's 50-48 win in the final minute over TCU is the only Big 12 candidate, but it faces some stiff competition elsewhere. Michigan's deep-ball parade with Denard Robinson is on the list, as is Stanford's overtime win over USC that included a fourth-quarter comeback.

Michigan State beat Wisconsin on a last-second Hail Mary, so you know that's on the list, too. USC's late triumph over Oregon is on the list, too.

A little surprising? No SEC games made the list. Apparently folks weren't real fired up about seeing a 6-3 game of rugby with 17 missed field goals and no touchdowns to essentially decide the SEC title.

Every team in each of the five games nominated scored at least 31 points.

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