Big 12 poll update: Week 6

Here's where the Big 12 sits in the polls after five weeks of football. Welcome to the party, Texas Tech.

Remember, the AP poll is not factored into the BCS rankings, which will debut next month. The USA Today poll is factored in, however.

USA Today (coaches)

7. West Virginia

8. Kansas State

9. Texas

13. TCU

14. Oklahoma

24. Texas Tech

Others receiving votes:

  • 31. Baylor

  • 40. Oklahoma State

Five teams in the top 15? Eight of the 10 league teams receiving votes? Very nice.

Associated Press (media)

7. Kansas State

8. West Virginia

11. Texas

15. TCU

17. Oklahoma

Others receiving votes:

  • 30. Texas Tech

  • 33. Baylor

  • 38. Iowa State

Plenty of disagreement in the media poll. K-State again gets the (rightful) nod over West Virginia, but Texas Tech doesn't debut in the rankings. The Red Raiders aren't even close in the media poll. A little surprising, but the Red Raiders' opportunity will come next week when they host Oklahoma.

Interesting to see Iowa State still log some votes. Whoever voted for the Cyclones, I hope had Texas Tech higher on their ballot. Last night was fairly definitive.