Big 12 game picks rewind: Week 5

In this space each week, we'll rehash the previous week's game predictions. It could be ugly some weeks, others could be quite sweet on my end.

Either way, we'll examine the carnage every week. This week, it was more of the former.

Here's how I did in Week 5:

Record: 4-0

My pick: West Virginia 45, Baylor 34

Actual score: West Virginia 70, Baylor 63

  • Hindsight: Well, this one really got out of hand quickly, didn't it? We knew there could be big points in this one, but to see 133 on the board by the end of the game? Crazy. Still, we didn't learn much we didn't know about either team in this one. Both have suspect defenses. Both have huge offenses, but West Virginia's is just a little bit better.

My pick: TCU 27, SMU 10

Actual score: TCU 24, SMU 16

  • Hindsight: TCU was in control of this game from start to finish, but made a ton of mistakes on a rainy night that let SMU make it interesting late. The Frogs slopped around in wet conditions and only managed 156 yards of offense. I expected an inspired performance from the Ponies, but man, that was ugly.

My pick: Texas Tech 41, Iowa State 28

Actual score: Texas Tech 24, Iowa State 13

  • Hindsight: I underestimated both of these defenses coming into this week. Whoops. Texas Tech's offense is far, far better than Iowa State's. Iowa State's defense is probably a bit better than Texas Tech's. Still, these defenses were getting great pressure and made plays all night. Good stuff.

My pick: Texas 37, Oklahoma State 27

Actual score: Texas 41, Oklahoma State 36

  • Hindsight: Pretty close to what we expected in this one. I didn't think either of these defenses would be able to slow the other, but I thought Texas' offense would be able to run the ball much better and control the clock, keeping OSU off the field. David Ash? Ballin'.

A decent week. I whiffed on the general scoring in a couple of these games. I'd give myself a B+. What do you think?