Big 12 falls behind Pac-12 to No. 3 league

The Pac-12 has threatened all season, and Kansas State's loss to Baylor provided the death blow.

The Big 12 began the season at No. 1 in the ESPN Stats & Info Conference Rankings, but for the first time this season, the Big 12 has fallen to No. 3, behind the Pac-12 and the SEC. All this, despite the fact that the Pac-12's BCS title contender, Oregon, also lost.

"The biggest difference between the Pac-12’s losses and Kansas State’s loss to Baylor is that Kansas State lost to an unranked opponent. As a result, Baylor did not pick up any of the 387 AP votes that Kansas State lost," Stats & Info's Sharon Katz writes. "In comparison, Stanford and UCLA gained a combined 308 AP votes and rose five spots in the AP poll with their victories. Those numbers cancel out Oregon’s fall from 1st to 5th in the AP Poll."

ESPN Stats & Information College Football Conference Power Rankings

You can see the Big 12 is behind by just .2 points, but the biggest problem for the league has been West Virginia and Texas Tech falling out of the polls. The Mountaineers are on a five-game losing streak after reaching No. 5 and the Red Raiders have lost three of four games.