More than just a game lost for Texas

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas, a program that is afforded every opportunity, finally had a chance to show it was deserving of its standing.

The Longhorns, due to TCU, their own inept offensive play, quarterback indecision and the worst defense in program history, have instead been left with no leg to stand on for the third straight year.

That's not to say there has not been progress. (The Holiday Bowl is still getting a busy signal what with the Alamo and Buffalo Wild Wing bowls on lines one and two.) But it is hard to spot any progress when peaking through parted fingers at all the horrors that Texas so frequently produces on the field.

Saturday was another one of those nights. It's not just that Texas lost to TCU (7-4, 4-4) for only the second time in 30 games. And the No. 16 Longhorns (8-3, 5-3) did just that 20-13 in front of 99,950 fans at Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium. It's how Texas lost much more than just a game.