Big 12 sets mark for bowl eligibility

The Big 12 has nine of its 10 teams bowl eligible with one week left to play in the season, and it's officially the highest percentage of bowl-eligible teams of any conference ever, according to Steve Malchow, the associate athletic director at Iowa State.

No conference has ever equaled that 90 percent clip set by the Big 12 this season, and the league surpassed three previous record holders.

"The closest were the ACC in 2008, the SEC in 2009 and 2010 and the Big Ten in 2011," Malchow writes. "Each of those conferences had 10-of-12 (83%) schools participate in post-season play those seasons."

It's also by far the highest percentage in 2012. The Pac-12 has 67 percent of its teams eligible for bowls, and the SEC has 64 percent.