Fans tab Big 12's worst bowl performance

This week, I asked you to vote on the Big 12's worst bowl performance, and among the five losses, we had three solid candidates.

Oklahoma came in first with a hefty 55 percent of the vote. West Virginia was a solid second place with 31 percent of the vote.

Kansas State (7 percent), Iowa State (5 percent) and TCU (2 percent) rounded out the voting from the fans. I don't disagree with the No. 1 choice. Oklahoma's 41-13 loss to Texas A&M came complete with a 27-0 second-half score in favor of the Aggies, and was the Big 12's only matchup against the SEC. Playing that poorly on that big of a stage definitely worked in Oklahoma's favor for this poll, but the Sooners' defensive performance was ugly and could serve as a nerve-wracking sign of what's to come next season after tons of losses on the defensive side of the ball.

My No. 2, though, wouldn't have been West Virginia. I know Tulsa won the Conference USA, but getting completely outmuscled by a lower-conference team is never a good look, and after a strong first quarter, Iowa State hardly looked like it belonged on the same field with the Golden Hurricane. The fans showed up in Memphis in force, but the team looked absent. The offense was lost and the defense had little shot against a running game that consistently rotated in fresh backs.

I'd go with West Virginia's lackluster game at No. 3. The snow made it more difficult, but getting run off the field by Syracuse isn't a good look. Not much more to say about that one. Kansas State was beaten by a clearly better team in the Fiesta Bowl, and TCU's ugly loss never should have happened, but it was altogether a decent performance. How would you rank them?